Flowers and flowers – Lupin in May, Hydrangea in June


Sanghyowon celebrates Lupin festival in May and Hydrangea festival in Jun. This beautiful park holds fewer package tourists so you can enjoy beautiful scenery and space. There are so many photo spots. Take time and take nice photos of your own with flowers.

Camellia Hill has many couple tourists. If you are travelling alone, you will be a little annoyed by many couples posing for good shots in front of flowers forever. Don’t worry there are so many photo spots. There will always be a nice spot for you. Camellia flowers are the main attraction in Camelia hill but hydrangea are awesome in Jun.



Suggested trip to Jeju – relaxing holiday

My latest trip(Feb 2015) to Jeju was with my parents. It was a relaxing short holiday instead of doing any activities or sightseeing. We enjoyed the atmosphere of maeul(마을, Korean word for village) and the cottage house we stayed.  We visited a couple of Oiljang(market open every 5 days. See my post “Market tour in Jeju”) for groceries and cooked our own meals.

As my dad is a cancer patient and his diet has to be strictly controlled, my mother packed healthy seasonings she made and decided to cook while we were staying in Jeju. He doesn’t take any sugar and only has non-oily food. He takes fish but not much of red meat. When you travel and eat out all the time, it is difficult to control the diet.

Walk along Sehwa beach1

Walk along Sehwa beach1

Walk along Sehwa beach2

Walk along Sehwa beach2

Walk along Sehwa beach

Walk along Sehwa beach3

Getting a place with a nice kitchen was a key. In fact, there are plenty of places with kitchens.

My parents went out for a walk and I read books and listened to music. When we got bored we visited beaches and oreums(volcanic cones, Jeju hills) near by. We cooked nice meals with Jeju’s fresh ingredients. It was really relaxing and healing. If you need a good rest and a peaceful holiday, this kind of holiday can one option.

Rented a nice cottage

Rented a nice cottage

view from the kitchen

view from the kitchen

HamPD’s Dolzip(Doljib/Stonehouse)

HamPD's Dolzip(doljib) from

HamPD’s Dolzip(doljib) photo from

If you would like a chance of experiencing a traditional Jeju house but cannot compromise the convenience of a modern life, this small guesthouse(B&B) offers one of the best experience. The entrance is a path with Doldam(stone fence) and it is located right next to the beach. From the dining room, you will have a great view of beautiful Jeju beach. The house is built of Jeju’s volcanic rocks. Because the house was renovated from an traditional Jeju farm house, the room sizes are rather small but cozy. Although reaching the guesthouse is not that convinient, the location is still great due to peaceful environment and nice beach.

It offers 1 double room and 2 twin single rooms with shared bath rooms in Angeori(Inner building) and Bageori(Outer building) is for family(4 people) with attached kitchen. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

A bit of inconvenience is that you can only book the room by sending a text message to HamPD(the owner of the guesthouse, he used to be a producer of Broadcasting). That can be challenging…. hmm… If you are really serious about staying in this guesthouse, you will need some help from your Korean friend…