Accommodation in Wimi -Soyo 逍遙 & BeLazy

Wimi became a popular town after the big hit of the movie Architecture 101 in 2012. Seo-Yeon(presented by Han Ga-In)’s Jeju home in Wimi was transformed as a café and now became many movie fan’s must-visit spot.

Café SeoYeon's home from Architecture 101

Café SeoYeon’s home from Architecture 101

Wimi is known for the warmest temperature in Jeju throughout the year and its tangerines are very good. Still, Wimi keeps its character as a small Jeju town despite of the fame and many constructions in the area.

Wimi has a few nice places to stay and I chose 2 places for my visit last Autumn.

Soyo is a newly opened B&B with 4 bed rooms. The breakfast was so good and the host was really friendly. My sister and I ended up chatting with them until midnight.  Soyo means a leisurely stroll.



I would highly recommend this place to many friends. If you are an animal lover, two lovely dogs will welcome you. Spend a day playing with Hojung and Hodu.



BeLazy is only about 5-7 minute walking distance from Soyo. It is so near form the beach but you cannot view the water from the room because of the tangerine trees. It is just 2 min walk to the beach so you don’t really need the view.

BeLazy’s host couple is also very friendly and have really good sense of humor. It was so interesting to hear how they decided to migrate to Jeju and how their lives became. The room is a bit small but clean and cozy. It would be nice to sit at the café and spend a day. Be lazy at BeLazy!




Taengza Taengza – a sound of enjoyment (Sehwa Guesthouse)

Korean is a language of onomatopoeia and mimetic words. Wind blows “salang salang”. A young boy’s eyes are “chorong chrong”. A man walks “ttubeok ttubeok”. Salang salang is a describing word for a breeze. Chorong chorong eyes explain a concentration or brightness of a person. Ttubeok ttubeok is a sound of walk and also describes a manly walk. If you can speak in Korean there are many ways of describing of sound, colour and movment with such words. Taengza Taengza isn’t an original onomatopoeia but came from a word taengza(a kind of Orange like fruit) and became an onomatopoeia-like expression. When you describe a person being a lady of leisure. We say “She always plays taengza taengza. What a life!” It means she enjoys doing nothing.

Tangza Salon is the guesthouse for the people who want to enjoy their time  taengza taengza.

The owner has migrated to Jeju in early 2013 after resigning from a well-known advertising company in Seoul. His life must have been such a hassle and he wants to enjoy his life with Taengza mind. The name of guesthouse tells the character of the guesthouse and the staff.  If you sit in a lounge in a middle of a day and killing time by reading a comic book, the owner might ask you to go out for a drink(not a cup of coffee but a bottle of soju).

The guesthouse staff are also interesting people to get to know. Although they don’t speak very fluent English, you will still enjoy their company. If you decide to stay at north-east of Jeju(Sehwa) and you like to meet interesting travellers and guesthouse staff, this is the place to go.

Below is the Korean blog of Tangza Salon where you can make a reservation. You can also book a bed/room at as well.

Location is easy to find. Only 3-5 min walk from Haenyeo museum at Sehwa.

The lounge of Tangza Salon

The lounge of Tangza Salon

Accommodation recommendation to my friend

The Guesthouse in Daejeong (Southwest of Jeju island)

The Guesthouse in Daejeong (Southwest of Jeju island)

One of my friends asked me to recommend some accommodations. He was quite clear of his conditions.
1. He doesn’t want a bed in a guesthouse dormitory room but inexpensive accommodation with a privacy.
2. Renting a car.
3. Traveling alone.
4. He doesn’t speak Korean but has Korean friends to help him book the rooms.

Below is what I have recommended to him.

Get a twin room or family room if you would like to stay in a guesthouse so you don’t need to share a room with other people. Breakfast is included in the room rate in most places. The internet sites are mostly in Korean.  Most cases, you will need to wire the full amount of room charge to secure the room. If you travel during non-peak season, you might have a chance to have a dormitory room for only yourself. Try your luck!

North East (Gujwa):
1. Lefthander guesthouse ( ) One of the most well known guesthouses in that area, many foreigners stay there. They have a free Oreum(volcanic cone) tour in the morning if you reserve the tour when you book a room.
2. Soofeel guesthouse ( ) They serve Korean breakfast(quite heavy).
3. Hampdnedolzip Guesthouse ( ) Famous for the nice atmosphere.

North South to South(Pyoseon, Namwon, Seogwipo):
Hotel: Haevichi ( ) The resort provides free Shuttle bus services to Olle trail route 1-6
1. Backpacker’s home ( )
2. HelloMay guesthouse ( )

South West : (Daejeong)
Hotel : Poonglim resort ( ) Free Shuttle bus services to Olle trail route 6-10
1. The guesthouse ( ) Not a fantastic location but one of the best dormitory rooms I had in Jeju if you don’t mind a dormitory room.
2. Island guesthouse ( ) run by a Malaysian lady.
3. Ieung guesthouse ( ) Nice location with a view from the café. Breakfast doesn’t seem included in the room rate. Please check!

North East : (Hallim)

1. Dam guesthouse ( ) Good feedback on Breakfast
2. Jjolkit Centre ( ) The most famous and popular guesthouse in Jeju, run by cartoon writers. If you want to meet a lot of young trendy people, this is the place. They have a living room concert on every Sat. 7pm.

The private house, Osirok Hern

OsirokHern, the private villa

OsirokHern, the private villa

When travelling to Bali, I noticed private villas are popular accommodation for many tourists.

I was thinking why Jeju doesn’t have such a private villa. Well there are quite a few. They are not grand pool villas but rather cozy with their own characters.

Osirok(cozy in Jeju Language) Hern(Heon is the official spelling, meaning a house with eaves, this word was used for naming upper class houses) is one place I would like to recommend for a family and friends. If you are travelling as a group(3-4 people) this would be a nice place to stay.

This private house is located near Geumneung beach(it is next to famous Hyeopjae beach). You can rent a whole house by yourself and enjoy the privacy.

You can cook your own dish in the kitchen by getting the ingredient from a super market nearby.

Check out the site and you can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to in English. This place is becoming popular everyday so you must book at least a few weeks in advance even during a non peak season.

Osirok 2

Jejurak Guesthouse and Modern Pension

Jejurak Guesthouse & Modern Pension

Jejurak Guesthouse & Modern Pension

What qualities do you look for when you are looking for a holiday accommodation. If you are looking for a peaceful ocean view, great services with a spotless room, these two places should suit you well. Among many popular accommodations, these two places are quite hot and you need to book at least a couple of months in advance.
Jejurak is well known for its beatiful cafe(Cafe 7373) and 5 star hotel like rooms. It is especially popular among couples. Room rates go up to KRW190,000(about USD170) during peak summer holidays so please check out by sending e-mail mentioned in their website.

The owner of Modern Pension is a well-known blogger among Jeju lovers. Her blog is about her life in Jeju as a Jeju immigrant.(Jeju immigrant is a new word for Koreans move to Jeju from the mainland because living is Jeju as non Jeju person is like living in a foreign country.) Unfortunately her interesting blog is in Korean but you can still book a room at her beautiful pension by e-mailing her at She speaks Chinese, Japanese and a bit of English.

Jejurak and Mordern are nearby. You can take a taxi from Seoguipo bus terminal or they are about 10 min walk from the nearest bus stop(Beophwan Elementry School).

HamPD’s Dolzip(Doljib/Stonehouse)

HamPD's Dolzip(doljib) from

HamPD’s Dolzip(doljib) photo from

If you would like a chance of experiencing a traditional Jeju house but cannot compromise the convenience of a modern life, this small guesthouse(B&B) offers one of the best experience. The entrance is a path with Doldam(stone fence) and it is located right next to the beach. From the dining room, you will have a great view of beautiful Jeju beach. The house is built of Jeju’s volcanic rocks. Because the house was renovated from an traditional Jeju farm house, the room sizes are rather small but cozy. Although reaching the guesthouse is not that convinient, the location is still great due to peaceful environment and nice beach.

It offers 1 double room and 2 twin single rooms with shared bath rooms in Angeori(Inner building) and Bageori(Outer building) is for family(4 people) with attached kitchen. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

A bit of inconvenience is that you can only book the room by sending a text message to HamPD(the owner of the guesthouse, he used to be a producer of Broadcasting). That can be challenging…. hmm… If you are really serious about staying in this guesthouse, you will need some help from your Korean friend…