3 day Malaysia Tour

Pavilion Shopping Mall

Pavilion Shopping Mall

A few friends of mine visited me from Korea for 3 days. Visiting a country for 3 days is not my thing but my friends could only afford 3 day visit. They could visit Malaysia again but this was their first visit and I didn’t really have a chance to visit tourist attractions here so here was my plan.

1st day – Batu cave – KLCC(KLCC Park & Suria KLCC) – Pavilion(Bukit Bintang) – Jalan Alor
2nd day – Melaka
3rd day – chill out (massage and swimming)

The 1st day: Early in the morning I drove my car to Batu cave. It is less than 10Km from my place but KL roads never betrayed me from making me lost even with GPS on. My stupid GPS(I really miss Korean GPS, so accurate and detail) couldn’t tell me where the parking or entrance of Batu cave so we had to look for the entrance when we were near the cave. Finding the entrance took more time than driving from my home. However, the famous cave was worth visiting. No entrance fee and parking was MYR2.00 per entry.
Parking at KLCC was a battle. This long school holiday must have dragged everyone to the shopping mall. Even with my season parking access it was so difficult to find a parking slot. Finding a seat at the food court was even more painful. We had to wait almost 20 min for a 4 seat table. Ipoh noodles and Nasi Lemak were our menu. Yummy!!!
Walking from KLCC to Pavilion was such a pleasant experience through the air-con path. Living in KL for 7 months, it was my very first visit to Pavilion shopping mall.
One of my friends kept insisting for dinner at Jalan Alor, the touristic street for local dish and the atmosphere. For me the food is okay, not fantastic. I don’t think locals would love to go there. They rather prefer Chinatown food.
The 2nd day: Melaka(Malacca), the world cultural heritage was the one I really wanted to visit. The narrow streets have their unique characters. I parked the car at a shopping mall and walked to Jonko street. Most my colleagues recommended me to have the famous chicken rice and chendol(Malaysian desert) but looking at a long que outside of a chicken rice restaurant under a hot sun we didn’t dare.. In stead, we went to a burger place with high recommendation from Tripadvisor.com and our choice was right.
I really want to recommend Melaka to other Koreans. I couldn’t understand why my Korean Malaysia tour guide book doesn’t have Melaka session… It’s only 2 hour driving from KL and frequent public transportation is available if you are not driving.
The 3rd day: Starting a day with Indian breafast followed by nice aroma massage. We went to a small massage shop near my place. Massage in Korea is quite expensive but it is quite affordable here. The only problem is I am not a massage fan. So while my friends enjoyed massage, I enjoyed reading and drinking a nice tea at the massage shop.

Planning for a short holiday in KL?


Driving from KL(Kuala Lumpur) to Singapore

Crossing bridge from MY to Tuas Checkpoint in SG

Crossing bridge from MY to Tuas Checkpoint in SG

After a long and tiring budgeting(well it is not over yet. Anyone wants to be a financial analyst, please reconsider!) I have decided to visit my sister in SG. With beautiful Korean dish my brother-in-law cooks I am sure I would be recovered and become a happy me again.

The first day of driving in KL was such a nightmare and now deciding to drive all the way to SG needs a lot of guts for me but I missed my sister and I wanted to carry quite a few stuff with me. In fact, the first bus departing from Mont Kiara(where I live in KL) is at 8am I didn’t want to be stuck in a traffic jam. If I depart early in the morning I could avoid school holiday crowd and I was right. I left 6am. I mostly drove 90km/hr to 120km/hr and arrived to my sister’s house in Bukit Batok at 10:40am. It wasn’t bad at all.

Highway was mostly 2 lanes. The 2nd lane speed was 60km/hr to 90km/hr but 1st lane speed was 120km/hr to 160km/hr(I felt…). Yes, two very different speed in these two lanes so I had to be quite careful as a beginner driver in MY.

I thought it was quite inexpensive to drive because the petrol only costs me about MYR100 for a round trip but the toll fee costs me about the same and it turned out quite expensive!

Well, I think I earned some confidence that I could drive and I would love to drive to SG again. The best part was all the nice food my brother-in-law cooked for me(yes, he never betrays my expectation!) the worst part was my manager called and I had to work 24 hours non-stop as soon as I arrived in SG. I hate my work for that!

Anyone who wants to drive from MY to SG, I would recommend you to prepare nice music for the long journey and on the way, R&R is the sign for resting places. Local’s recommendation is to visit R&R with petrol stations. Smaller size R&R might not be clean or safe.

If you are the first time visitor of Singapore by your own car, right after passing Singapore custom, look for a small office to purchase Autopass card which you can pay for parking and ERP in Singapore. You will need a photo of the road tax sticker on the windscreen of your car, your car plate number, insurance company name and expiry date of your insurance and SGD10.00

How do you enjoy in KL?

That is the question I often get from my colleagues and unfortunately I don’t really have a good answer for that.

I came to KL about 5 months ago but what I experienced so far is working in my office, working in my home, working, working and working. KLCC view from one side of my office and the opposite KLCC view from the opposite side seat of the office.

My life became meaningless and I don’t think it is fair. As my boss enjoys his life by sacrificing mine, I have a right to be happy. I decided to spend my time more valuable instead of completely knocked out in my bed during the weekend. Writing about Jeju, my favourite place in the whole world. (The only exception would be my parents home. ^^)

Also I would be working smarter. whatever falls apart at work is not my responsibility but my boss’. I am just too responsible for unnecessary stuff sometimes.

With that my workload will be lesser and I should be able to enjoy this beautiful city Kuala Lumpur. The first thing first. I should try the nice swimming pool at 5th floor this weekend for the first time in 4 months.

Swimming Pool