Jalan Jalan Hamo-ri

Hamo-ri is where my home in Jeju is located. My house is under construction.

Jalan jalan means walking around neighbours. It’s one of my favourite Malay words.

Olle route 11 along the rocky beach

Jeju Olle route 11 is crossing the town along the beach.


Sanimul is a fresh water spring at the beach. It was a public bath in old days. These days, old ladies wash some clothes during high tide. Sometimes, I see Haenyeo(female divers) catching seafood in near sea when I sit by Sanimul.

radish field

Radishes grow during winter in Jeju. Often I see neighbours pluck radishes and garlic in Spring.


Canola flowers are everywhere in Jeju during Spring season but I never get tired of seeing them on my walk.

Old house near Saturday Market Entrance

This old house was almost a ruin last time and it has been renovated last year bit by bit. I never saw the owner but I can really see how much effort he/she made to the house.

Would you like to jalan jalan this lovely town?



Start of Hamo project

Homo is the name of the town where my future house will be built.

My long term plan to move to Jeju has kicked off officially.

I have just started an actual work with an architect. Yeh!  Next 6 months, he will deign my house.

Last week, we met for the first meeting. The architect showed me the prelim layout in a computer drawing.  Actually, I met him last Dec for the first time and we have been discussing the house plan since then although it wasn’t official.  As he now opens his own business, my house design has become his very first project. No worries! He is an experienced architect and has been working for a big design company. He gave me an homework in the first meeting to read the book “Architects’ homes” by Yoshihumi Nakamura and draw my hose planning with my own idea. The book is definitely interesting and I was quite surprised their houses are quite humble.

Yoshihumi Nakamura's Architects' homes

Yoshihumi Nakamura’s Architects’ homes

That very night, I drew a few plannings. When I showed him my drawings in the 2nd meeting, I think he was pretty impressed as he thought I would had only a couple of drawings.

My drawing

My drawing

He has made an scaled model of the layout. He even made neigbour’s houses in the model. I could see what it looks like from a bird eye view if the house is built.

Hamo - KakaoTalk_20151014_204726318

It will be a long journey until the completion of the construction and it is not an easy work. However I am so glad I am finally realizing my dream step by step.

Cheers to myself!