Accommodation in Wimi -Soyo 逍遙 & BeLazy

Wimi became a popular town after the big hit of the movie Architecture 101 in 2012. Seo-Yeon(presented by Han Ga-In)’s Jeju home in Wimi was transformed as a café and now became many movie fan’s must-visit spot.

Café SeoYeon's home from Architecture 101

Café SeoYeon’s home from Architecture 101

Wimi is known for the warmest temperature in Jeju throughout the year and its tangerines are very good. Still, Wimi keeps its character as a small Jeju town despite of the fame and many constructions in the area.

Wimi has a few nice places to stay and I chose 2 places for my visit last Autumn.

Soyo is a newly opened B&B with 4 bed rooms. The breakfast was so good and the host was really friendly. My sister and I ended up chatting with them until midnight.  Soyo means a leisurely stroll.



I would highly recommend this place to many friends. If you are an animal lover, two lovely dogs will welcome you. Spend a day playing with Hojung and Hodu.



BeLazy is only about 5-7 minute walking distance from Soyo. It is so near form the beach but you cannot view the water from the room because of the tangerine trees. It is just 2 min walk to the beach so you don’t really need the view.

BeLazy’s host couple is also very friendly and have really good sense of humor. It was so interesting to hear how they decided to migrate to Jeju and how their lives became. The room is a bit small but clean and cozy. It would be nice to sit at the café and spend a day. Be lazy at BeLazy!




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