Suggested trip to Jeju – relaxing holiday

My latest trip(Feb 2015) to Jeju was with my parents. It was a relaxing short holiday instead of doing any activities or sightseeing. We enjoyed the atmosphere of maeul(마을, Korean word for village) and the cottage house we stayed.  We visited a couple of Oiljang(market open every 5 days. See my post “Market tour in Jeju”) for groceries and cooked our own meals.

As my dad is a cancer patient and his diet has to be strictly controlled, my mother packed healthy seasonings she made and decided to cook while we were staying in Jeju. He doesn’t take any sugar and only has non-oily food. He takes fish but not much of red meat. When you travel and eat out all the time, it is difficult to control the diet.

Walk along Sehwa beach1

Walk along Sehwa beach1

Walk along Sehwa beach2

Walk along Sehwa beach2

Walk along Sehwa beach

Walk along Sehwa beach3

Getting a place with a nice kitchen was a key. In fact, there are plenty of places with kitchens.

My parents went out for a walk and I read books and listened to music. When we got bored we visited beaches and oreums(volcanic cones, Jeju hills) near by. We cooked nice meals with Jeju’s fresh ingredients. It was really relaxing and healing. If you need a good rest and a peaceful holiday, this kind of holiday can one option.

Rented a nice cottage

Rented a nice cottage

view from the kitchen

view from the kitchen


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