A beautiful rainy day at Saryeoni forest

Seogwipo had a beautiful blue sky with the shining Sun but when I reached Saryeoni forest, drizzling was rather heavy. Well, what’s new in Jeju? It is usual to have a nice sunny day at the seaside and heavy snow at Junggansan where only 2-3Km away from the sea. I was well prepared with a rain proof poncho.

I was with my 2 nieces and of course I brought rain proof jackets for them. They still wanted to carry umbrellas. Well, it’s good to rent a car so I can bring lots of stuff. We started walking in to the forest. Interestingly, there were quite number of people on a weekday morning of June. We were the slowest hiker as my young nieces often attracted by gravel on the path, trees and flowers along the way. It’s okay not to walk long distance as long as I enjoy the nature and the company. A bit of foggy air makes the forest more mysterious and I feel like I was exploring a magical forest with little elves.

Definitely Saryeoni forest is more beautiful on a rainy day!

Tip: try the hot dog at the small road side shop at the entrance of the forest, near Dombae Oreum side. It is worth!


Two kids at rainy Saryeoni forest

Two kids at rainy Saryeoni forest


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