How to get to Seongsan Ilchulbong by bus?

In my last visit to Jeju, I have decided not to rent a car but take a bus as I was planning to walk Olle trails. I bumped into 3 Filipino ladies who were heading Seongsan ilchulbong from Jeju city bus terminal. They were quite lost because the ticket box person told them to take No.700 but the bus driver of 700 told them to take No.710 which just departed and they had to wait another 30 min. My friend navered(we don’t google in Korea but naver) and found No.710 goes Seongsan Ilchulbong. Poor ladies had to kill precious 30 min at the terminal.
After 2 days from that day, my friend and I walked Olle trail route No. 1 and reached Seonsan Ilchulbong by foot. After climbing there, we were so tired and decided to take a bus back to Sehwari. The bus stop was only about 400m from the entrance. (bus stop: Seongsan-ri Samuso/Seongsan-ri community office) When we get to the bus stop,  we found both 700 and 710 were stopping there. OMG, the poor Filipino ladies didn’t have to wait for No.710 but took No.700 with us.

Here is the tip.
From the airport, bus No.100 and 95(runs very 10-12 min) go to Jeju bus terminal and it takes only 10-15min. From the bus terminal you can take buses (either east coast line or west coast line) and reach many tourist attractions along the coast.
An important tip to remember is that from Jeju bus terminal to the airport, you have to take bus No.70 and 95 from the bus stop across from the terminal. No.100 doesn’t run to the airport from the bus terminal.

The bus number and the route have been changed.

710 and 710-1 start from the bus terminal and run all the way to Seongsan Ilchulbong. No. 700 does not exist anymore.


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