Queen of Oreum – Darangswi

The queen of Oruem

Darangswi Oruem

Hiking in Mt. Halla is definitely a great experience but it takes good fitness and a day of effort. Travellers who don’t have a lot of time and good physical conditions can still enjoy mini mountain hiking experiences with breath-taking views by hiking some oreums(volcanic cones). There are about 360 oreums in Jeju.
7Km south from Sehwa downtown(Gujwa-eup), Darangswi(also called Wollangbong) is a popular destination for many Koreans. About 400m high, this oreum offers one of the most breath-taking views in Jeju. Akkeun-Darangswi(small Daranswi) oreum is located right next to it and you will see other oreums near by.  Seongsan ilchulbong and Udo are all in one view. Bijarim (forecst park) is only 3.4Km away from the entrance of Darangswi. Here is my recommendation. Take a taxi(one trip costs KRW7000 from Sehwa downtown) to Darangswi. From Darangswi, take a walk to Bijarim. After visiting Bijarim, you can take a bus back to Sehwa downtown.

If the weather is clear, Udo and Seongsan Ilchulbong can be seen a lot clearer

View from Darangswi


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