Taengza Taengza – a sound of enjoyment (Sehwa Guesthouse)

Korean is a language of onomatopoeia and mimetic words. Wind blows “salang salang”. A young boy’s eyes are “chorong chrong”. A man walks “ttubeok ttubeok”. Salang salang is a describing word for a breeze. Chorong chorong eyes explain a concentration or brightness of a person. Ttubeok ttubeok is a sound of walk and also describes a manly walk. If you can speak in Korean there are many ways of describing of sound, colour and movment with such words. Taengza Taengza isn’t an original onomatopoeia but came from a word taengza(a kind of Orange like fruit) and became an onomatopoeia-like expression. When you describe a person being a lady of leisure. We say “She always plays taengza taengza. What a life!” It means she enjoys doing nothing.

Tangza Salon is the guesthouse for the people who want to enjoy their time  taengza taengza.

The owner has migrated to Jeju in early 2013 after resigning from a well-known advertising company in Seoul. His life must have been such a hassle and he wants to enjoy his life with Taengza mind. The name of guesthouse tells the character of the guesthouse and the staff.  If you sit in a lounge in a middle of a day and killing time by reading a comic book, the owner might ask you to go out for a drink(not a cup of coffee but a bottle of soju).

The guesthouse staff are also interesting people to get to know. Although they don’t speak very fluent English, you will still enjoy their company. If you decide to stay at north-east of Jeju(Sehwa) and you like to meet interesting travellers and guesthouse staff, this is the place to go.

Below is the Korean blog of Tangza Salon where you can make a reservation. You can also book a bed/room at hostelworld.com as well.


Location is easy to find. Only 3-5 min walk from Haenyeo museum at Sehwa.

The lounge of Tangza Salon

The lounge of Tangza Salon


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