Where are you from, Christmas trees?

Abies koreana

Abies koreana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus was born in Jerusalem. Father Chirstmas(Santa Claus/Santa Klausd) was from somewhere in Europe. Where do Christmas trees come from?

Mt. Halla of Jeju is the answer.

One of the most popular Christmas trees is called Korean fir or Abies Koreana.

Ernest Henry Wilson, the famous plant collector introduced the tree from Mt. Halla to Western countries and named Abies Koreana / Gusang namu(구상나무, The name Gusang came from Kusalnang(Kusal;Sea Urchin in Jeju Language, Nang;tree in Jeju Language – Quote from My Exploration of Cultural Heritage(나의 문화유산 답사기) by Yu Hong Jun)

How about hiking to the forest of Christmas tress in this Christmas?

Dead Gusang namu at Mt. Halla

Dead Gusang namu at Mt. Halla


One thought on “Where are you from, Christmas trees?

  1. 잘 돌아가셨는지 모르겠어요 : ) 탱자스텝입니다! 즐겨찾기 하고 글 읽으러 종종 찾아올께요! (영어로 써야하는건 아니죠?) 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!!!!!

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