7 reasons to visit Jeju in Winter

Silver grass at Ecoland

Silver grass at Ecoland

Wind Wind Wind!
I would recommend you to face it and enjoy. Wearing goggles would be a good idea. Visit coastal road of Sehwa to Gimnyeong where the strongest wind blows during Winter.

Silver Grass
From Autumn to Winter, Oreums of Jeju are covered by silver grasses and with Jeju’s famous wind, it creates fantastic scenery. Visit Sangumburi and Udobong(in Udo).

Snow flowers at Mt. Halla
You will need good winter jacket and proper shoes to hike Mt. Halla during Winter. However, your hard work will be paid off by great scenery.

Camellia flowers blossom during Winter. November and March are the best to see beautiful flowers of Winter. Visit Camellia hill or Olle trail route 5

Many tangerine farms offer tangerine plucking experience during Winter. You will easily find the sign board written 감귤체험 along the roads of Jeju. The problem is they are mostly in Korean. Tasting tangerine doesn’t need the language so drop at any road side tangerine shop and you will enjoy great tangerine in a good price during Winter. In my personal opinion, Jeju’s tangerine is the best in the world.

Yellotail festival
Yellotail festival is open from 7th Nov to 10th Nov this year(2013). It happens every year at port Moseulpo and getting more popular every year. If you are a fan of fresh sashimi(raw fish), this is a must visit festival. This year, festival committee provides English/Japanese/Chinese interpreters.

Snow Sled
You might wonder how to enjoy snow sled in Jeju, the warmest part of Korea. Yes you can! After the snow fall, visit Jeju horse grazing land along 5.16 road and you can enjoy snow sled riding. It’s free of charge!

Snow flowers at Mt. Halla (Koreans call snows coverned on trees as snow flowers)

Snow flowers at Mt. Halla (Koreans call snow covered on trees as snow flowers)


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