Accommodation recommendation to my friend

The Guesthouse in Daejeong (Southwest of Jeju island)

The Guesthouse in Daejeong (Southwest of Jeju island)

One of my friends asked me to recommend some accommodations. He was quite clear of his conditions.
1. He doesn’t want a bed in a guesthouse dormitory room but inexpensive accommodation with a privacy.
2. Renting a car.
3. Traveling alone.
4. He doesn’t speak Korean but has Korean friends to help him book the rooms.

Below is what I have recommended to him.

Get a twin room or family room if you would like to stay in a guesthouse so you don’t need to share a room with other people. Breakfast is included in the room rate in most places. The internet sites are mostly in Korean.  Most cases, you will need to wire the full amount of room charge to secure the room. If you travel during non-peak season, you might have a chance to have a dormitory room for only yourself. Try your luck!

North East (Gujwa):
1. Lefthander guesthouse ( ) One of the most well known guesthouses in that area, many foreigners stay there. They have a free Oreum(volcanic cone) tour in the morning if you reserve the tour when you book a room.
2. Soofeel guesthouse ( ) They serve Korean breakfast(quite heavy).
3. Hampdnedolzip Guesthouse ( ) Famous for the nice atmosphere.

North South to South(Pyoseon, Namwon, Seogwipo):
Hotel: Haevichi ( ) The resort provides free Shuttle bus services to Olle trail route 1-6
1. Backpacker’s home ( )
2. HelloMay guesthouse ( )

South West : (Daejeong)
Hotel : Poonglim resort ( ) Free Shuttle bus services to Olle trail route 6-10
1. The guesthouse ( ) Not a fantastic location but one of the best dormitory rooms I had in Jeju if you don’t mind a dormitory room.
2. Island guesthouse ( ) run by a Malaysian lady.
3. Ieung guesthouse ( ) Nice location with a view from the café. Breakfast doesn’t seem included in the room rate. Please check!

North East : (Hallim)

1. Dam guesthouse ( ) Good feedback on Breakfast
2. Jjolkit Centre ( ) The most famous and popular guesthouse in Jeju, run by cartoon writers. If you want to meet a lot of young trendy people, this is the place. They have a living room concert on every Sat. 7pm.


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