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What could be the best way of travelling Jeju?
Well, it depends….
It really does.
Many Koreans rent cars to travel Jeju. As long as you have an international drivers license and you are over 20 years old, renting a small car in Jeju is quite affordable.
Many young Koreans rent scooters for a few day trips. It’s romantic and fun.
Quite a few people rent bicycles for 4-7 day round trips along the sea.
Walking definitely is along Olle trails and many people complete the trails in a month or two.
There is a baggage delivery service from one guesthouse to another(guesthouses have the phone numbers) so you don’t have to carry heavy baggage with you when you travel by a motorbike/bicycles/on foot.
Bus trip is also fun if you are not in hurry. Most bus drivers I met were very helpful and you will see many locals in the buses. I enjoyed Dolmush in Turkey and small buses(they were actually vans) in Sri Lanka and people I met on the way. Definitely worth trying! If you purchase T-money card, you can have transit discounts. T-money cards can also be used in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon areas.
Renting a taxi for a day can be convenient if you don’t have a lot of time and you haven’t done a lot of research before the trip. Most taxi drivers know all the tourist attractions and where the best spots for the photo shooting are. They also know good restaurants. Whichever city you are in Korea, taxi drivers are the best persons to ask for good restaurants.
There are about 100 taxis in Jeju that English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian translation is available(Mon-Fri 07:00 ~ 22:00, Sat,holidays 08:00 ~ 18:00).

Check out below site for English/Chinese/Japanese available taxi or guided tour.

Below are well-known and popular bicycle rental shops in Jeju. Sorry, they are only in Korean but they provide a lot of good information.

You must be cautious on your safety when you are travelling by scooters and bicycles.


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