The private house, Osirok Hern

OsirokHern, the private villa

OsirokHern, the private villa

When travelling to Bali, I noticed private villas are popular accommodation for many tourists.

I was thinking why Jeju doesn’t have such a private villa. Well there are quite a few. They are not grand pool villas but rather cozy with their own characters.

Osirok(cozy in Jeju Language) Hern(Heon is the official spelling, meaning a house with eaves, this word was used for naming upper class houses) is one place I would like to recommend for a family and friends. If you are travelling as a group(3-4 people) this would be a nice place to stay.

This private house is located near Geumneung beach(it is next to famous Hyeopjae beach). You can rent a whole house by yourself and enjoy the privacy.

You can cook your own dish in the kitchen by getting the ingredient from a super market nearby.

Check out the site and you can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to in English. This place is becoming popular everyday so you must book at least a few weeks in advance even during a non peak season.

Osirok 2


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