Arty-farty Jeju

Dumoak, the photo gallery of Jeju

Dumoak, the photo gallery of Jeju

Many Korean artists are now moving to Jeju. Photographers, musicians, singers, novelist, TV entertainers, painters and so on and so forth. Jeoji art village is a place many artist built their houses and live there. Just taking a walk in a beautiful village could make you feel “art-full”. You might bump into the most well-known Korean folk singer at the corner of a street!

If you are not happy just looking around artist houses, how about visiting galleries and museums in Jeju?

Jeju Museum of Art is the place you should visit. It is near Loveland and Mysterious Road so you might want to drop at Mysterious road on the way(If you just go there to see Mysterious road, please DON’T). If you have some free time, having a picnic at the museum garden would be a good idea.

When you walk Olle trail route 3(in my very personal opinion, route 3 is the most Jeju-like trail), the moment you don’t even want to move one step forward because you are tired of a half day walk, you will meet a beautiful photo gallery. Dumoak, the gallery of Kim Young Gap-one of the most famous Jeju photographers is the place. The gallery itself is a work of art and you will feel the true peace from the exhibited photos.

There are so many interesting museums in Jeju and Teddy bear museum is the most touristic place. If you are a real art loving person, how about going beyond the teddy bears?


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