Driving from KL(Kuala Lumpur) to Singapore

Crossing bridge from MY to Tuas Checkpoint in SG

Crossing bridge from MY to Tuas Checkpoint in SG

After a long and tiring budgeting(well it is not over yet. Anyone wants to be a financial analyst, please reconsider!) I have decided to visit my sister in SG. With beautiful Korean dish my brother-in-law cooks I am sure I would be recovered and become a happy me again.

The first day of driving in KL was such a nightmare and now deciding to drive all the way to SG needs a lot of guts for me but I missed my sister and I wanted to carry quite a few stuff with me. In fact, the first bus departing from Mont Kiara(where I live in KL) is at 8am I didn’t want to be stuck in a traffic jam. If I depart early in the morning I could avoid school holiday crowd and I was right. I left 6am. I mostly drove 90km/hr to 120km/hr and arrived to my sister’s house in Bukit Batok at 10:40am. It wasn’t bad at all.

Highway was mostly 2 lanes. The 2nd lane speed was 60km/hr to 90km/hr but 1st lane speed was 120km/hr to 160km/hr(I felt…). Yes, two very different speed in these two lanes so I had to be quite careful as a beginner driver in MY.

I thought it was quite inexpensive to drive because the petrol only costs me about MYR100 for a round trip but the toll fee costs me about the same and it turned out quite expensive!

Well, I think I earned some confidence that I could drive and I would love to drive to SG again. The best part was all the nice food my brother-in-law cooked for me(yes, he never betrays my expectation!) the worst part was my manager called and I had to work 24 hours non-stop as soon as I arrived in SG. I hate my work for that!

Anyone who wants to drive from MY to SG, I would recommend you to prepare nice music for the long journey and on the way, R&R is the sign for resting places. Local’s recommendation is to visit R&R with petrol stations. Smaller size R&R might not be clean or safe.

If you are the first time visitor of Singapore by your own car, right after passing Singapore custom, look for a small office to purchase Autopass card which you can pay for parking and ERP in Singapore. You will need a photo of the road tax sticker on the windscreen of your car, your car plate number, insurance company name and expiry date of your insurance and SGD10.00


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