Island Guesthouse

Island Geusthouse photo from

Island guesthouse photo from

This little place was introduced by media such ase, TV documentary, magazines and books and now pretty well-known. The owner is a Chinese Malysian who fell in love with Jeju.  She speaks a few languages(English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Korean and a bit of Italian and Spanish) and getting a room or a bed is now quite challenging in peak season. The price is quite attractive but the location isn’t really convenient to find unless you drive with GPS or by taxi. Korean GPS offers great detail of information and accuracy(it even tells you where a hump is!) but it is in Korean. Foreign travellers are not recommended to drive unless you know Korean. You will need to take a bus to get there and it is explained in direction page of Island guesthouse site. I myself tried to get a room last year but couldn’t succeed. Most visitors enjoy the atmosphere and love to go back. A double room and a domitory room are avialable with a shared bathroom. Roomrate(bedrate) includes simple breakfast. Please visit for more detail.


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