Walking meditation

Olle trail

I visited Osho meditation centre in India some time ago. During my stay there, I tried different meditation styles. a common meditation style(sitting calm and try to concentrate but always falling in a sleep), a dynamic meditation style(involving hard breathing, jumping and shaking head..), a dancing meditation and so on. At the end of my 4day stay, I realized I am not really a meditation person. However, I enjoyed walking meditation. It involves a slow walk and feel the surrounding. I guess anyone enjoys hiking or walking is actually doing the walking meditation unconsciously.

Olle trail (http://jejuolle.org/) is the perfect place for doing a walking meditation. 26 trails round Jeju are now open. One route is about 5Km to 23Km long and takes 4 to 8 hours. Many Koreans now visit Jeju for only Olle trails. If you walk one of the popular routes on weekends it can be quite crowded.

Each and every route has its own colour and beauty. Everyone has their own taste so I don’t want to say which routes are better than the others. I walked route 3 to 11 and I really loved all of them. My plan is walking all the routes in different seasons. When I walked Route 7 in Dec, strong wind with a bit of snow made me humble(I was walking in a bowing posture) but the scenery was just awesome and so different from the scenery of summer.

If you walk with company it can be more fun. They say “쉬멍놀멍-shimeong nolmeong” meaning as resting and having fun in Jeju dialect. It means take it easy and walk slow while you enjoy. You don’t need to finish one route per day although many others do. How you enjoy is more important.

I believe walking in Olle trail makes worth of flying from the other side of the globe to Jeju. Visiting Jeju for a couple of day? No, you need at least one month just for Olle. If you plan to visit Jeju, please plan a long holiday or plan a few trips.


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