Have you been building some karma?



They say, you can see Baengnokdam in your first attempt only if you have built good karma for 3 generations.

Thanks to my parents and great parents, I can proudly say that I saw Baengnokdam in my second visit of Mt. Halla and the first visit of the summit. Baengnokdam is a crater lake on the summit of Mt. Halla. Because of such a changeable weather in Jeju and especially Mt. Halla, it is not easy to see the summit clearly in your first attempt.

For people of Jeju, Mt. Halla is not just a high mountain you can see anywhere in Jeju but their lives, histories and sacred religion. There are legends and tales about the mountain. I will talk about Jeju’s tales next time.

My first hiking to Mt. Halla was right after coming back from New Zealand. There are famous trails like Milford track and Routeburn track in New Zealand. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of New Zealand and didn’t expect much from Mt. Halla. However, Mt. Halla totally wowed me. I was facinated by its mind-blowing scenery.

How about hiking the highest mountain in the South Korea?  http://www.hallasan.go.kr/english/

If you have been a good boy or a good girl by listening your parents, it’s time to see if your partents did that as well.


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