(Oreums in Jeju)

If you type Jeju in Wikipedia, you will be overwhelmed by a lot of information ( but still not many people know about this beautiful island. In fact, if you have been to Bali and you loved it, Jeju is a must visit place.

The reason I love Jeju is it has everything I would want for my holiday. Beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and hotels? Are you joking? Staying for a month in Jeju is not enough to visit or experience even a half of what Jeju can offer. Awesome Mount. Halla, over 300 Oreums(volcanic cones), scuba diving, fishing, hiking at Olle trails, various public and private musiums, folk villages, theme parks and outdoor activity parks and so on, and so forth… Different ranges of accommodations and fantastic hospitality. I can go days…

I will be writing about Jeju where my passion lies (and sometimes my boring life in Kuala Lumpur). Please call me the Jeju Evangelist.


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