How do you enjoy in KL?

That is the question I often get from my colleagues and unfortunately I don’t really have a good answer for that.

I came to KL about 5 months ago but what I experienced so far is working in my office, working in my home, working, working and working. KLCC view from one side of my office and the opposite KLCC view from the opposite side seat of the office.

My life became meaningless and I don’t think it is fair. As my boss enjoys his life by sacrificing mine, I have a right to be happy. I decided to spend my time more valuable instead of completely knocked out in my bed during the weekend. Writing about Jeju, my favourite place in the whole world. (The only exception would be my parents home. ^^)

Also I would be working smarter. whatever falls apart at work is not my responsibility but my boss’. I am just too responsible for unnecessary stuff sometimes.

With that my workload will be lesser and I should be able to enjoy this beautiful city Kuala Lumpur. The first thing first. I should try the nice swimming pool at 5th floor this weekend for the first time in 4 months.

Swimming Pool


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